The Trust

The SPVGMC Trust (R) was established in 1962 to celeberate Ganesha festival in a meaningful way. Over the years, it has acquired the hues of a prestigious Sangeeta Sabha. Main focus of the celeberation is the ten-day long Music festival. Sri Prasanna Vidya Ganapathi Mahotsava Charitable Trust (SPVGMC trust in short) or popularly known as Vontikoppal 8th cross Ganapathi, has come a long way in its musical path. In 2012 it celebrated its golden jubilee. The skeleton of the Ganapathi pendal here is a permanent one occupying a small stretch of 8th cross in Vontikoppal, which is also known as Vani Vilasa Mohalla. The pendal will be constructed every year on this skeleton, into a rain proof auditorium. Ganapathi will be installed in this pendal, in front of which the platform for the artistes will be made.

Programs 2022

Vid. T.M.Krishna-Vocal
Vid. Sheik Mahabook Subhani &
Vid. Sheik Kaleeshabi-Nagaswara
Vid. Akkarai Subhalakshmi-Violin
Vid. Praveen Sparsh- Mridanga
Vid. Giridhar Udupa- Ghata

Vid. Akkarai Subhalakshmi -Violin
Vid. Akkarai Swarnalatha- Violin
Vid. Sai Giridhar- Mridanga
Vid. Giridhar Udupa- Ghata

Vid. S.V. Sahana - Veena
Vid. V.V.Ramanamurthy - Mridanga
Vid. Gururaj — Morsing

Vid. Jayanthi Kumaresh- Veena
Vid. Kumaresh- Violin
Vid. K U Jayachandra Rao- Mridanga
Vid. Pramath Kiran- Ghata

Vid. Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna - Vocal
Vid. Akkarai Subhalakshmi - Violin
Vid. Patri Satish Kumar - Mridanga
Vid. Suresh Vaidyanathan – Morsing

Vidwan T.V.Gopalakrishnan - Vocal
Vidwan S.Varadarajan - Violin
Vidwan Patri Satish Kumar - Mridanga
Vidwan Suresh Vaidyanathan – Morsing

Pandit Venkatesh Kumar - Vocal
Pandit Satish Kolli - Harmonium
Pandit Keshav Joshi - Tabla

Vidwan Sandeep Narayan - Vocal
Vidwan Gokul V.S. - Violin
Vidwan K.V.Prasad - Mridanga
Vidwan G.S.Ramanujam - Ghata

Vidushi Lakshmi Nagaraj / Indu Nagaraj - Vocal Duet
Vidwan Sumanth Manjunath - Violin
Vidwan A. Radhesh - Mridanga
Vidwan Shamith Gowda - Ghata

Vidwan Vijay Siva - Vocal
Vidwan R.K.Shriramkumar - Violin
Vidwan N.C.Bharadwaj - Mridanga
Vidwan Vyasa Vittala - Khanjira

Vidwan Krishna Mohan & Vidwan Ramkumar Mohan - Vocal Duet
Vidwan H.N.Bhaskar - Violin
Vidwan Trichur R Mohan - Mridanga
Vidwan Purushotham B.S – Khanjira

Pandit Praveen Godkhindi - Bansuri
Vidwan Anil Srinivasan - Piano
Pandit Ravindra Yavagal - Tabla
Vidwan Purushotham B.S - Khanjira

Vidwan Vignesh Ishwar - Vocal
Vidwan Mathur R Srinidhi - Violin
Vidwan Tumkur B Ravishankar - Mridanga
Vidwan Sharath Koushik - Ghata

Vidwan Ruthik Raja - Vocal
Vidushi Adithi Krishnaprasad - Violin
Vidwan Sumesh Narayan - Mridanga
Vidwan G.S.Ramanujam - Ghata

Vidwan Abhishek Raghuram - Vocal
Vidwan H.N.Bhaskar - Violin
Vidwan Vijay Natesan - Mridanga
Vidwan Vazaphalli Krishna Kumar - Ghata


Our Bank Details

Bank: Karnataka Bank
Branch: VV Mohalla, Mysore
A/C No: 5052500100501601
IFSC: KARB0000505
Note: All donations made to SPVGMC Trust (R) are Exempted from 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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